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SciFi and Fantasy

The Apples of Idunn
Driven to become king. Fated to be a god. In the cold winters of an ice age, Odin was born to be a mere jarl. But Fate has staked a claim upon him. When his brother falls under a ghostly curse, a goddess offers Odin a chance to save him. If Odin can make himself king—and promise an unspecified favor—she will make him and his family immortal. In desperation, Odin begins a quest to become king of all the Aesir. But his journey exposes him to forces more powerful than even the goddess: the Norns who foretell Fate. They warn of a terrible burden he will bear, and of the coming end times, Ragnarok. Tormented by his prophetic dreams, Odin must soon choose between those he loves and a fragile chance to avert Ragnarok.

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Compelled by Magic
My name’s Zoey Harper, and someone is definitely trying to kill me. College is hard enough without adding a nefarious stalker to the mix. Each time I escape one setup, the next comes about faster and far more dangerous. My white tiger familiar can only protect me from mortal threats, so how am I supposed to fight off a deranged magic user? Funny. I came to the Secret Academy to learn how to control my newfound magical abilities, but now someone’s trying very hard to control me. Can I figure out who—and perhaps even more importantly, why—before they succeed in stopping me for good?

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