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Steamy Romance

Ghost of Jealousy
He spent a hundred years waiting for her. She hated him in a heartbeat. In a world where paranormals live side by side with humans, everybody knows about Ordinance 7304: the Bond Laws. Or, as the Paras snidely whisper to each other, the Claws Clause—a long and detailed set of laws that bonded Para couples must obey if they want their union to be recognized. Because it wasn’t already damn near impossible to find a fated mate in the first place. Now the government just has to get involved… I exist— Dodge McCoy is dead. Died more than a century ago, one of countless who never made it out of his New York City slum. And while a bullet might’ve ended his life, his afterlife was only just beginning. He’s a ghost. A phantom. A spirit. And he’s just about gone. Without his fated mate—without his “key”—Dodge will experience his second (and final) death. For years, he put off searching, mainly because he still harbors scars over the betrayal that led to his first death. In his eyes, it would be better to fade away than let another woman tear his heart to shreds.

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Deadly Seduction
She was a hunter so I couldn’t trust her… But I could use her. I was captured and locked up in a tank like a fish on display. My plan was simple: seduce the human so she would help me escape. She never had to know my feelings for her weren’t real. Making humans fall in love was always easy for a siren. All I had to do was sing and she’d be mine. But she’d done something she could never atone for… She was the one who stole me from the sea. And that’s something I can never forgive. Sirens killed my mother and I needed revenge. I was on my first hunt when we managed to capture one. I was angry and full of hate… I just wanted them to pay for what they’d done; for humans to learn how to defend ourselves from their alluring voices and sharp claws. But when the captured creature starts being friendly, trying to draw me in, I feel myself growing attached. Sirens are dangerous killers, and a part of me fears him. I don’t trust him not to hurt me…

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