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In the House of a Demon
This shocking true story of an abducted child’s harrowing struggle for survival amidst a horrific Soviet military experiment is a raw examination of the atrocities of war, the resilience of spirit, and the existence of the supernatural. When an unfamiliar hand grabbed Tina Soctoy by the shoulder in the woods near her home at age 6, she suddenly found herself far from her family, disoriented, and imprisoned in the home of a Soviet Military operative. His mission was to turn her into a merciless weapon of war. Her mission was to survive. In horrifying detail, Soctoy recounts the terrifying circumstances of her captivity—from the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse she endured to the drug-fueled manipulation. Tina’s tiny body and mind are pushed to the brink by her merciless prisoner.

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Fix My Team
Are you a new team leader trying to establish effective and healthy team dynamics that will lead your team towards success? Fix My Team is the ultimate book guide for team leaders that offers a helpful framework to establish the most effective and healthy dynamics within a team. It includes a succinct discussion in addressing conflicts, roadblocks, and misunderstandings that can severely affect a team. Nadeen Savic provides the roadmap to create an inclusive environment that will guide your team towards collective and personal success! This book helps team leaders identify miscommunications and conflicts which can cause setbacks for any team. This book will help your team achieve its goals by addressing these pain points in effective ways. Through these practical guides, you can create a supportive and inclusive environment for your team.

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