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Homestead’s Last Stand
Sarah races to uncover the cause of the darkness that has engulfed the planet and learns that the entire world has been plunged into darkness. She sets out on a treacherous journey to reach her parents, accompanied by Adam. Along the way, they rescue two young girls and escort them to safety, but unknown dangers still lurk as they continue their journey. Will they make it back alive?

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POSSESSED: The Ouija Board
Some games should never be played . . . at least, not those involving sinister spirits. Michiko is eager to try the Ouija board, a game often played in Japan, with her best friends, Kate and Sophia. They’ve got a plan to summon the Japanese trickster spirit Kokkuri-san to answer questions about Lucas—a boy they’ve all been crushing on. Most importantly, Michiko wants to know if her mother’s long illness means she’s going to die. But once summoned, the spirit refuses to leave, warning them of danger, over and over. When Michiko’s friends almost die in near-fatal accidents on an overnight field trip to the Mojave National Preserve, they blame her. Their friendship is shattered beyond repair. Michiko knows that the only way to send the spirit back to the world of the dead is if all three friends who summoned her, work together to send her back. But this seems impossible now that Kate and Sophia won’t even talk to her.

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Guardians of Medieval Wales
Time travel, mystery, magic, legend … four couples find adventure and timeless love in this collection of series starters set in medieval Wales! Daughter of Time: Sometimes, finally facing what you most fear turns out to be no more difficult than putting one foot in front of the other … A medieval man with an uncertain destiny, Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales, faces treachery and deceit at the hands of friends and foes alike. When Meg slips through time into medieval Wales, the pair must navigate the shifting allegiances that threaten the very existence of Wales–and create their own history that defies the laws of time. Open the door to an alternate world of princes and castles in the prequel to the After Cilmeri series! Cold My Heart: Love. Magic. Faith. By the autumn of 537 AD, all who are loyal to King Arthur have retreated to a small parcel of land in north Wales. They are surrounded on all sides, heavily outnumbered, and facing near certain defeat.

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A Divine Invite: Ancients
Ellie, who is the focus of a Divine Secret, innocently triggers a series of supernatural events after she risks her life to save a stranger. Now that she can see beyond the mortal plane, Ellie stumbles across the Soulfull Tavern, a bar containing patrons with morally questionable occupations. There she encounters the enigmatic Johnny Knight, Hell’s notorious contract binder. His charismatic, beguiling nature leaves her feeling enamored. Johnny, who feels inexplicably spellbound by her, whisks her off into his world of soul scouting and debt collecting in an attempt to unearth the cause of her existence before she is discovered by otherworldly creatures. Ellie’s escapades inevitably catch up to her, and after experiencing a life-shattering event, a despondent Ellie is brought to her knees in front of Hell’s most nefarious soul. God will send his most revered divine being to her side, but not before Ellie passes her third trial. Question is, can she hold out that long?

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