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The Last Insurgent
From the author of A LONE WOLF, the #1 Best Selling Amazon Audiobook, featuring Ex-Marine Sniper and retired CIA operator Michael Wolfe, comes a new international thriller. He is a ghost. A man who travels the globe selling his bomb-making skills to the highest bidder and one of the last holdouts from the Irish Troubles of the 1990’s. Danny McCaffrey offers his talents to Iran who has developed a new bio-weapon. Their long-term goal: To disrupt the governments of Western Europe, Israel and the United States. When the NSA intercepts an international call hinting at a meeting for this new endeavor, ex-Marine Sniper and clandestine CIA operative Michael Wolfe is sent to intercept him. When he fails to stop the ex-IRA terrorist in Mexico, he and his equally deadly ex-Mossad wife, Nadia are tasked with finding McCaffrey.

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Will You Still Love Me If I Become Someone Else?
What if you had the memories of 110 people stuffed into your brain? How would you know who you really are? The passengers of flight 2164 all lose their memories, except for Brian; he not only maintains all of his own memories, but gains everyone’s who was on the plane.Brian begins remembering the other passenger’s lives, and soon finds himself unable to separate his memories from theirs. Intense flashbacks, disjointed personalities and often violent outbursts put a strain on Brian’s relationship with his fiancée Brenda.They will have to trust the neuroscientist Marci, whose experimental technology could restore Brian’s memories, and the life Brenda and Brian once had. As Brenda and Marci race against time to untangle Brian’s memories from those of the other passengers, they discover secrets Brian has hidden about his past. Brenda must decide if some memories are best forgotten, and if she can still love who Brian really is?

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