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Dying Light
Safe Passage, When an EMP decimates the United States, Lori, a former Marine Raider, must embark on a treacherous journey with her daughter across the former United States from Pennsylvania to a rumored sanctuary in Washington State. Safe Passage: Off The Grid. Can what has been lost be rebuilt? Lori, and her daughter Avah, fight to answer that question as they trek across what remains of the United States after a devastating EMP attack. Together with her new family, Lori must contend with armed bandits and roaming gangs who challenge her at every turn

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The Excursion
Charly Highsmith is a survivor. Abandoned by her parents, she spent her teens looking after her autistic brother on the bitter streets of Denver, Colorado, with nothing but a jacket and a backpack. But things are better now. Charly and Jacob live in a two-bedroom apartment near a mall, and with the passing of their long-lost father, they’ve inherited a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains. Charly’s eager to go there. Relive the good times she had as a child, running through the forest with Jacob and her cousins. Amanda the Overachiever. Cam the Recluse. But when they arrive, the cabin isn’t empty. Barry the Millionaire. Kennedy the Social Media Magnet. Randall the Hunter. Standing by the fireplace, Charly sees that look in her neurodivergent brother’s eyes. There are too many people. He’s going to run. He’s going to burst into the unforgiving snowstorm, sprint around the frozen lake, and hide in the forest like he did when they were young.

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