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The Show
It’s never a good idea to steal from thieves. Clarke and Fairchild are pulled into an ambitious and elaborate plan by which British and American security services aim to entrap an international fugitive. Clarke is persuaded to impersonate a notorious crypto fraudster who has deceived criminals and ordinary people alike across the world. On the glitzy resort of Capri, Fairchild plays host to a show designed to attract the world’s richest money-launderers and thieves who seek retribution – or revenge. But the team’s carefully-conceived plans to keep Rose safe are derailed, leaving them in a situation far more complicated and dangerous than they could have imagined. Can they get back to how they were? Or have they themselves fallen into a trap that they can only escape by losing everything, including each other?

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The Cat Saw Who Did It? Theodore book 2
I have aided in the capture of a serial killer, which is made even more impressive by the fact that I… am a cat. Happily settled in with Jane, a would-be victim I helped to save, I thought my days as an amateur sleuth would be traded for belly rubs and sunbeam naps. Until I watched the man in the apartment complex opposite ours, murder his wife. Once again, it falls to me to help the bumbling humans bring a killer to justice. Step one is proving to Jane that something horrible happened. But how do I convince her a crime occurred in the dark of the night? More importantly, how can I prevent her from becoming his next target?

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