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Steamy Romance

Lady Amelia Takes a Lover
The last thing Lady Amelia Windermere needs is another family scandal. But how can she possibly resist the wild, passionate Duke of Ripon? Welcome to book 1 in the electrifying new series Windermeres in Love. A proper English lady… A little time in beautiful Italy is just what Lady Amelia Windermere and her eccentric family need while their latest scandal dies down. Amelia is hard at work on their triumphant return to London society when she meets Lord Tristan Carteret, Duke of Ripon, a sculptor who is too wild for any proper lady. Meets a dissolute Duke… Tristan isn’t eager to let go of la dolce vita that he’s enjoyed in Florence—until he meets Amelia. She may appear to be one more uptight debutante, but he soon realizes that there’s a talented artist and a passionate woman just aching to emerge. If only she can forget what society says and concentrate on what she feels when she’s with him.

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Playing Pretend with my Brother’s Best Friends
NEEDED: Three make-believe boyfriends! Must be tall, dreamy — and ready to teach me how to kiss. I’m a 29-year-old virgin. No boyfriends. ZERO second dates. I’m virtually UNDATEABLE. And with the big 3-0 approaching, I can’t keep pretending all is well. After shedding tears before my brother’s best friends, they devise a brilliant plan to fix my problem. Their game plan? Pretend dates, kissing lessons, and even sexting tutorials! Say hello to Noah, the HOT childhood crush-next-door. Alex, the towering hockey player with a playful wit and impressive biceps. And Jack, the older silver-haired divorcee… who also happens to be my brother’s team coach. But as things heat up, it feels like we may be passing the point of no return… Touches linger, and passionate kisses send butterflies dancing inside my heart.

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Assassin’s Heart
My job is death, danger, and intrigue. Never love. Since I was sixteen, the Syndicate has been my entire life. Now, on the brink of becoming one of their most trusted assassins, I’ve been given a job that should be simple–find a woman named Lidiya Petrovna, and use whatever means necessary to convince her to work for us. From the first word she says to me, I know she’s going to drive me insane. Feisty, fiery and determined to try to escape me at every turn, she captivates me like no other woman I’ve ever met–and leaves me feeling things I never knew I could. As the days pass and it gets harder to watch her with the man she’s meant to help me take down, I know I should walk away. Give the job to someone else. But I also know what Vladimir’s other men will do to a woman who challenges them the way Lidiya challenges me. And that’s not the only reason I can’t give her up.

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Elise Unleashed
As book two of a three-part series, Elise Unleashed follows the life of Elise Adair, a woman in her forties, as she navigates life after her divorce. Elise soon discovers her desires have taken a dark turn as her relationship with a voyeuristic neighbor continues to intensify. Her insatiable thirst for sex after leaving a sexless marriage must be quenched, and there is no shortage of willing men who are ready to satisfy her needs. Elise struggles to come to terms with her desires as she is pursued by Wyatt Smith, a gorgeous carpenter who has fallen hard for her. Should she embrace Wyatt or allow herself to cross over to the dark side? Sex and exploration of fetishes abound as she traverses her new way of life in search of happiness and sexual fulfillment.

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US UK and CA

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