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Steamy Romance

Dark Dragon’s Wolf
Can two broken souls save each other—and escape the ghosts of the past? Tristan Barnes has gotten really effing awesome at faking normal. After he escaped years in captivity, the healers of the Silverlake wolf pack turned him from a tortured, insane, three-quarters-wild killer wolf, into a mild-mannered shadow of his former self. At least, that’s what they think. Really, he just locked all the bad stuff away in the back of his mind—only now it’s starting to break free and spiral out of control. Mayah Lael, princess of the Draken House of Al-Maddeiri, has been trapped inside her own mind: unable to manifest her dragon, and haunted by ghosts reaching out to her in dreams and visions, begging for her to save them. But how do you save people who are already dead?

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Rotten to the Core
Every fairytale princess gets her happy ending but what about the villain? Before I was named The Evil Queen, I longed for my own happy ending. My tale is one you will not expect. With vampire hoards attacking my home, I make a decision to save the ones I love. Now I’m having to live with the consequences of my actions. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the most fearsome of them all? Based on Snow White fairy tale, Rotten to the Core is told from the Evil Queen’s point of view.

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Forged In Lies
This world is full of deadly beasts. And I might be worse than any of them…
I remember life before the solar flare destroyed society. And I remember pieces of the dystopian hellscape that followed.
But my memories are fractured. Full of holes and inconsistencies.
How I managed to slit the throat of a biker twice my size is a complete mystery.

But I did. Easily and without thought.

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Hartsville’s SEAL Heroes
Settle in for some smoking hot Navy SEALs and the headstrong women who love them, in this sizzling six-book set by USA Today bestselling author Leslie North. Unexpected babies, instant families and pulse-pounding suspense make this a thrilling boxset that romance fans will love! In The SEAL’s Convenient Wife, sexy Navy Seal Patrick Nelson pretends to marry kindergarten teacher Imogen Mendel, to protect her from the dangerous criminals she’s testifying against. Imogen may have agreed to a fake marriage, but the attraction she feels for Patrick is all too real… In The SEAL’s Surprise Baby, Navy SEAL Anderson Park and agency operative Violet DiPaula give in to their red-hot chemistry. A year later, Anderson finds out he’s the father of a five-month-old son… And his new family is in terrible danger. Anderson’s not sure he’s cut out to be a father, but he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Violet and his son. And his own heart, as well…

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US UK and CA

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