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Finding Her Way
Marrying a stranger is a bad idea… Corinne had done it, but she wasn’t thrilled. How could she travel from Boston to Oregon territory… in a wagon… with a grumpy stranger? She needed his protection, but could she stand his company long enough to survive the long journey ahead of her? Corinne had taken his name, but after his cold attitude, she wasn’t certain Andrew could ever win her heart. She could earn the friendship, and loyalty from those around her on the Oregon Trail, but could she ever earn her husband’s respect? She will have to lean on her faith and friendships to survive. This story begins the pioneer adventure… The Wildflower series. Join with Corinne on the Oregon Trail as her new life unfolds…

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The Heart of a Gentleman
In a whirlwind Season, unexpected love blooms. Will Lady Cassandra and the Marquess of Sherbourne seize their chance at happiness? Lady Cassandra is thrilled to make her debut and is fully prepared to be wed by the end of the summer Season. Guided by her cousin, Lady Yardley, she soon discovers her hope of a love match with a handsome gentleman quickly doused! Lady Yardley promises to help both her and her friends by using the society paper she writes, ‘The London Ledger’, as well as the aid of her dear friend, Lord Sherbourne. To her utter astonishment, Cassandra begins to discover a new and unexpected affection growing for the gentleman – only to have it suddenly and sharply dashed to pieces. Jonathan, Marquess of Sherbourne, is more than willing to assist Lady Yardley in securing a match for her cousin but, upon meeting her, is suddenly struck with the idea of marrying Lady Cassandra himself! When another gentleman finally makes his attentions known to the lady, Jonathan must decide whether to reveal the truth of his heart or to step aside instead.

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