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A Girl’s Worst Nightmare is Her Mother … Priscilla Martin. She’s the diva of Morning Glory Circle and a driving force in the quaint California town of Snapdragon. Overseer of garage sales and neighborhood Christmas decorations, she is widely admired. But few people know the real woman behind the perfectly coiffed hair and Opium perfume. Family is Forever. And Ever and Ever … No one escapes Prissy’s watchful eye. No one that is, except her son, who committed suicide many years ago, and her daughter, Claire, who left home more than a decade past and hasn’t spoken to her since. But now, Priscilla’s daughter and son-in-law have fallen on hard times. Expecting their first child, the couple is forced to move back … And Prissy is there to welcome them home with open arms … and to reclaim her broken family.

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One More Victim
Killers don’t play by the rules… After nearly dying in the line of duty, the FBI’s top criminal profiler Genevieve Callow contemplates a quieter life while struggling with survivor’s guilt. She’s reminded every day that while she was fighting for her life, another predator was stalking the night in her hometown. The Icebox Killer. She knows now that home isn’t safe. But she’s haunted, tired, barely recovered. There are other agents on the killer’s tail. They should be able to catch him. Or can it only be her? Now, in one brazen act, the killer has called out to her by name, taunting her―a game of cat and mouse. Callow has a choice: Run and hide, or do what she does best and catch a maniac before he strikes again.

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The Haunting of Beverly Holden
Two years after Beverly Holden escaped her small hometown in the Kansas foothills for an exciting new life in California, she receives a mysterious message that her younger brother has gone missing after working for the dying heiress of Mirror Manor. Pulled back to her hometown to find her brother, Beverly is offered a choice: return to California and forever abandon her family and the small town where she grew up, or stay and inherit Mirror Manor’s ten-million-dollar estate upon the heiress’s death. The decision seems easy, but Beverly can’t help but wonder what her new wealth will cost? The Haunting of the Holloway Family A job opportunity has brought the Holloway family to a small desert town on the Arizona/California border in the middle of nowhere. But what is thought as a godsend soon devolves into a parent’s worst nightmare.

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