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The Dark Web
Three strangers’ lives collide in a bizarre legend from the mysterious city of Mount Herod. High-schooler Tommy Wexler rediscovers a twisted childhood friend, while single-mom Irene Baxter struggles to cope with her six-year-old daughter’s frightening supernatural abilities. Across the city, one of Mount Herod’s elite residents, Malcolm Gladstone, makes a discovery so extraordinary it awakens a dark temptation. Lost and confused, these three individuals soon find themselves in an unimaginable clash of rage, denial, and greed that will solidify their roles in the growing saga of Mount Herod Legends.

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Broken World
No power. No law & order. No safety net. The world as everyone knows it is over. Laurel is stabilizing a patient in the ER when the power goes out. As she struggles to keep her patients alive, she faces an ugly truth—the world as everyone knew it is over. The smart thing to do is run and try to survive, but Laurel refuses to leave her patients behind—least of all her sick mother. There’s only one choice to make. She’ll have to stay and fight. Bear is done fighting. War and PTSD have cost him everything—his job, his self-respect, and his wife – Laurel. But when he can no longer deny the old world is gone, he gains a new purpose. Laurel is hundreds of miles away from his mountain cabin, but he knows she needs him. After so long being a lost soldier, he finally has something worth fighting for. The highways are clogged with dead cars. Frantic survivors want his truck, his tools, his supplies. He’ll face treachery, desperation, and endless miles of unforgiving wilderness, but he’s going to find his wife. Together, they can survive anything. He just has to reach her.

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