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Resistance Bands For Seniors 50, 60 and Beyond
Turn back the clock on age-related muscle loss without leaving home or spending a dime on trainers. Introducing the Power of Resistance Bands! One third of all seniors over 65 will fall at least once in the coming year due to muscle loss suffering preventable injuries. While weight training is beneficial, it can be risky for seniors and hiring a personal trainer is expensive – assuming you even want to go to a gym! Resistance Bands are a Safe, Low-Cost way to rebuild muscle and gain strength, from the comfort of home plus they are compact, affordable and safer than weights. This book brings a Certified Personal Trainer’s expertise into your home, helping you achieve gym-quality Strength Training benefits – without the risk associated with weights or gym membership fees

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Doing Business in Asia
Doing business in Asia is both more challenging and more interesting than being a tourist because in business we interact with locals in a way tourists never do. To succeed you need at least a basic understanding of the local mindset and business culture. Asian business culture and rules are often quite different from our own and sometimes vary from country to country. This book gives you a head start by summarizing the key lessons distilled by the author from four decades of successful business with Asia. Based on real-world experience, the book avoids theory and statistics to focus on the practical knowledge you need to succeed in business with Asia. Told through interesting, enlightening, and at times humorous, personal experience, take aways become memorable and the book is an easy, entertaining read. In a short time you will gain a clear understanding of your Asian partners’ point of view and business culture, enabling you to avoid common mistakes and quickly establish the personal relationships so critical to business in Asia.

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