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Wild Fire
Arthur Curry survived the Hotel of Madness, defeated two Elder Gods, and ultimately saved the world from a fate worse than death. But he also allegedly destroyed D.C, failed to stop the murder of countless federal agents, and plunged the world into a zombie apocalypse that has turned the east coast dark. Accused and maybe guilty of half of his crimes, Arthur has been hired by the international organization known as the League of Shadows to investigate a remote base in Alaska that may or may not have been built for the sole purpose of monitoring the north pole. Which is great because his sidekick needs one case under her belt… though between the zombies, the vampires, and the ex-girlfriends, she’ll wish she stayed home.

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US UK and CA

Shared by Two
Nestor Castle—a bestselling, award-winning extreme horror author—has the perfect life, having transitioned from indie darling to mainstream success. Although he dislikes the limelight, he finds comfort cooped up in his lake house with his loving wife and healthy daughter. However, after announcing his next book—a departure from the horror genre—he finds himself targeted by a disgruntled fan who calls himself ‘Butterfly.’ Butterfly’s messages grow more aggressive, more disturbing, and more threatening each time. When strange occurrences start happening around him, Nestor begins to fear that he is being stalked and he starts to suspect everyone—his agent, his neighbors, the deliveryman, his wife.

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US UK and CA

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