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Trusting His Heart
They might get this renovation done… if they don’t kill each other first!. Feisty, independent Cat Billings doesn’t need romance, but she does need a change. Leaving behind a troubled youth and a career of flipping rundown houses, she heads to the small town of McCormick’s Creek, Oregon to begin a high-end restoration. Hard-working, hard-headed Justin Cooper refuses to say why he needs extra money, he just wants to keep his head down and focus on the job. But his co-contractor turns out to be a spirited, sassy gal who slides into his heart, but also thinks she can boss him around. Tempers flare and sparks fly as Cat and Justin revive the old McCormick mansion, but Justin can’t afford to be distracted and Cat has no plans to stay in town afterward. And both have pieces of their lives they aren’t willing to share. Can love conquer the clashes between them and the secrets each is keeping? Scroll up to One-Click and start reading!

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Love Rehired: A small-town, second-chance
Emily Potter is ready to get back to work. But is returning to the same place that caused all her problems really the best choice? She’s not just worried about slipping back into old behaviors, but that she’ll once again be working for the man who upends her emotional balance as well. For Jackson Wyatt, CEO of Hart Hospitality, failure isn’t an option. But his life and work have fallen into chaos since his favorite assistant abandoned him. Now, thanks to the machinations of his wily grandmother, Emily is back. He can’t afford to lose her again. But the new Emily isn’t all about work. She wants to find her Mr. Right. To keep from losing her, Jackson ignores his desires and offers to help in her happily ever after quest. But in the midst of fighting a hostile company takeover, will Jackson risk everything for the biggest merger of his life?

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