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How To Argue With Anyone
Do you always know the perfect thing to say … after you’ve lost an argument? Think people who win arguments are just loud? Some of them are, but there’s a whole lot more to the art of argument than that. Yes, argument is an art. If you’ve never looked at it that way, consider that argument has a long and proud history stretching back to the Classical period and across the major civilizations of the ancient world. Then, giants like Socrates and Sun Tzu would face off against their opponents using logic, reason, and their great oratory skill to carry the day. While we still have many skilled at argument today, it seems as though most public debate has descended into shouting and emotional baiting, without attempting to understand the other side’s point of view. You may even avoid arguments in your personal life because this is how you perceive them. But did you know that people who are skilled at bringing others over to their point of view enjoy advantages that most people don’t? A Harvard study shows that highly successful people argue differently. In a 2023 interview with CNBC, Matthew Fisher, one of the study’s authors, said these people “argue to learn” and not “argue to win”.

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