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SciFi and Fantasy

The Wayward Mage
For many, marriage is the end of adventuring. For Jack Wartnose, it was just another occupational hazard he didn’t plan for… much like his son! As a novice Mage, Jack Wartnose’s life was already difficult enough: low pay, long hours, and an arcane duty to always keep his word. But when a chance encounter with his long-lost childhood sweetheart – and the consequences of his youthful wayward actions – leaves him duty-bound to fulfill a promise long since forgotten, he’s left with no choice but to take his fledgling family with him on his dangerous quest for the Tome of Time: a legendary artifact rumored to have started the last world-ending cataclysm. As if his luck wasn’t bad enough, there are also revenant assassins from his past hunting him down. If his family hopes to stay together this time, they’ll need more than just quick wits and spells to survive bloodthirsty monsters, vengeful revenants, mutinous party members, the needs of his wife versus his empty coin purse, and a son unfortunately following in his wayward footsteps.

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US UK and CA

DOMINATURE: What If The Devil…Banished God…From Heaven
Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with reimagined divine beings in this alternate telling of one of humanity’s famed creation stories. Adonai and Helel are divine creators, equal and co-existing on their cosmic realm of Alegion. Yet when an unforeseen clash of wills in how to govern the subspecies of humankind on the planet of Eden reaches a breaking point, one creator deceives the other. Now banished to Eden, the only way to end this conflict is for the fallen one to lure the other onto Eden where a death blow can be administered. For thousands of years, a veiled and methodical war ravages the plane of humanity. Notable landscapes are explored, resurrected, and manipulated. New and familiar historical characters, along with pivotal scenes throughout civilization, are remixed in this introspective and violent biblical-like saga. Can any being overcome who they are inherently destined to be?

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US UK and CA

Altrameda has served as a lab assistant and friend to the Tinkerer, her kind-hearted but perplexing inventor, for many years. But when she wakes up to discover she has been abandoned in a basement for more than two decades, she wants an explanation. With the help of an old friend, Altrameda tracks down the Tinkerer and learns she is from a race of self-aware machines who were nearly wiped out by humans centuries ago: the Stormforged. Emboldened, Altrameda ventures to the Falkirk capital city of New Canton with others of her kind to reintegrate into human society. Their peaceful approach is fraught with complication, however, as not every Stormforged is interested in forgiving the humans for all but eradicating their people. In addition, the royal family has experienced a power upset that the Tinkerer might be directly responsible for. Events heat up when Jonas, former student of the Tinkerer and current advisor to the royal family, interferes with the reconciliation attempts of the Stormforged. He believes he is to save humanity from an inevitable mechanical threat, and Altrameda must make a choice – to save humanity, or her people.

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US UK and CA

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