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Golden Retriever Mysteries 4-6
This collection of the fourth, fifth and sixth in the Golden Retriever Mystery series is sure to delight dog lovers and fans of cozy mysteries. Can be read in any order. Book 4: Dog Bless You. Autumn has come to Bucks County, and Steve Levitan has a new job: develop a conference center for Eastern College at Friar Lake. But on his first visit to the property, his golden retriever Rochester makes a disturbing discovery, a human hand rising from the dirt at the lake’s shore. Book 5: Whom Dog Hath Joined. When Steve Levitan’s golden retriever Rochester digs up a human bone at the Quaker Meeting House, the two intrepid sleuths are at it again, sniffing out a mystery with its roots in the Friends’ efforts to help Vietnam war resisters.

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Dreams of Justice: A Paranormal Mystery
Fast-paced and exciting, this gripping page-turner will have readers on the edge of their seats, itching to know what comes next. –The Book Review Directory.Sonia James has been having nightmares. Some nights, the blade slides neatly between her vertebrae, paralyzing her. Others, it pierces her ribs or punctures a kidney. But no matter the circumstance, the outcome is the same: She dies an excruciating death. Determined to end the dreams, Sonia consults a hypnotist who suggests they are visions of a murder that occurred decades ago and an ocean away. With only a week to find answers, Sonia embarks on a journey she might have thought was crazy, if the new voice in her head wasn’t telling her otherwise. Following unusual leads, she learns that not only are the dreams reflections of a real crime, it’s one she has to solve. If she fails, her nightmares could become reality—again.

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