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Powder Burns
Yesterday Damien Attica tossed a crooked Wall Street executive out of a fifty-second-story window. Today he’s on his hypnotherapist’s couch, reliving his past life as a notorious outlaw in nineteenth-century New Mexico. A local farmer’s daughter, Josephina Llewelyn, was violated, and Damien is in the territory to make sure the men responsible meet his singular brand of justice. Their boss, Isaac Greeley, doesn’t like that one bit and has raised a posse to hunt down Damien. Bad idea. After a can of beans and a good book, Damien dreams. They are of his first life, centuries earlier in ancient Greece. He’s a frightened, anxious boy learning the ways of the prophet Orpheus, a man who sang to the birds and animals.

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Bad Medicine: A Medical Thriller
Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 3 National Indie Excellence and Readers’ Favorite Book Awards What can go wrong when a scientist’s career hinges on the results of a clinical trial? When Professor Brad Parker is asked to serve as interim director of the Maine Translational Research Institute, he thinks he’ll have nothing more on his hands than a messy dispute between two faculty members. But what awaits him is far worse. Rather than an ordinary academic conflict, Brad finds himself dealing with sabotage, blackmail, and the mysterious deaths of patients in a clinical trial. As Brad and his partner—FBI agent Karen Richmond—race to unravel a murderous conspiracy, they find themselves at the top of a hired killer’s list of targets.

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