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SciFi and Fantasy

All Androids Lie
With powerful and haunting prose, these stories explore the resilience of the human spirit. These science fiction stories will take you on a journey through shattered lives and distorted realities. Dynamic characters are set in dramatic civilizations populated by androids, creatures, and space empires. Each story explores the painful aftermath of loss, trauma, and tragedy. CONTENTS: All Androids Lie- In this gripping legal thriller, two highly skilled lawyers engage in a battle of wits over the accused, Roscoe Travis. William Bennett and Deloris Gayley are both known for their cunning and intellect, but as the trial progresses, William begins to sense that there is something missing from the proceedings. As the lawyers present their complex arguments and analyze data, it becomes clear that all may not be what it seems. As the human jury deliberates, William and Deloris eagerly await the verdict that will determine the future of their profession and their place in society. This thought-provoking story explores themes of trust, justice, and the nature of humanity in a world where humans must coexist with machines.

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Myth of the Dragon Boxed Set 1
Why is it that thieves and mages never mix? Probably because thieves remind mages too much of themselves. A young female thief is working to help her crew stay alive in Waypoint, a city that exists on the precipice of humanity to one side and in the shadows of Ziammotienth on the other. Also called Tolan’s Doom, the mountain torn asunder by a dragon—if you believe in myths. Many an adventurer calls Waypoint the only bastion of civilization before returning to the remains of the once-great half-elven city’s remains from which to strike into the darkness underground. Most do not return.

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