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How to Save and Improve Your Marriage
Save and improve your marriage using the simple 80/80 and make your relationship happier and more robust! Do you feel that your marriage is crumbling? Do you want to stop having the same fight with your partner repeatedly? Do you wish your partner would understand your needs and put more effort into the relationship? If yes, there’s a simple solution: HOW TO SAVE AND IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE. Keep reading to find out more! The truth is that happily ever after takes plenty of work. That is why marriage is the art of not only falling in love but nurturing that love for the rest of your life. However, making your relationship happier and stronger requires a new approach that goes beyond outdated gender roles, toxic styles of conflict, and unhealthy communication. How to Save and Improve Your Marriageprovides you with an alternative proven approach, the 80/80 model, which is simple to adopt and can quickly fix all your marriage problems.

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That’s Amazing!
Does trivia tickle your fancy? Discover a light-hearted, family-friendly book of fascinating facts that will delight any curious mind. Want to explore weird and wonderful hobbies from around the world? Are you looking for urban legends and jaw-dropping true tales? Craving the perfect present for clean, bizarre fun? Best-selling author Alex Smart loves providing endless entertainment while making people all over the globe laugh. Now they’re offering fascinating facts or conversation starters suitable for the amusement of all. That’s Amazing! is a crazy-cool collection of interesting information. Through themed pages in an easy-to-read format, Smart includes anything and everything from astonishing animals and spiels of spectacular survivals to random hogwash of hilarity. And when you give or share this marvelous gift, you and your family will experience hours of enjoyment.

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