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Steamy Romance

Always and Forever
I left Dogwood Cove as a child eighteen years ago when Ethan Monroe was nothing more than my best friend’s older brother. Now I’m back and he’s so much more. Gone is the boy I played hide and seek with, and in his place is the seriously hot, plaid-wearing, scruff-bearing, mayor of the small town we grew up in. I’ve got trust issues that can’t be fixed easily and I didn’t come back here looking for love, but Ethan is determined to prove that coming home could be the start of the life I’ve always dreamed of. Could he be the man to put my damaged heart back together for good?

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Beauty and Her Beast
I’m used to women flinching when they see my scarred face. When I open the door for Ljuba, I’m ready for it, but instead of fear or disgust, her eyes are filled with trust, like I’m her safe harbor in a sea full of sharks. When I notice the bags under her eyes, Ljuba admits to having nightmares. She won’t tell me who haunts her dreams, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll guard her all night long if I have to. Then, I learn about the anonymous calls and appoint myself as her personal bodyguard. I’d take a bullet to protect this beauty, as long as she kisses the pain away.

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Dating Disaster with a Billionaire
Win a Date with a Billionaire! Everyone wanted me to enter. The reason I shouldn’t? I was a walking, talking, dating disaster. My name’s Marika. I ran a coffee shop in my small town. Things were fine until a resort moved in down the road and stole my customers with their fancy coffee. How could I compete with the rich and powerful? Perhaps if I entered their Win a Date with a Billionaire contest, I could win enough money to help my business. As a VidTube star, most people had heard of me, Jokin’ James. Everyone except the woman I was falling for. I was all ready to ask her out when she entered the contest my brother had created. Now she would discover that my family was the reason she was losing her business.

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City of Souls
Bounty hunter Hel’s life depends on staying below the radar and passing as human. But when the infuriating Lord of the City of Souls discovers her hidden power is the key to solving his problems, he reclaims her bond-debt and drags her into the spotlight. He’ll protect her secrets on one condition—that she does everything he asks.

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