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SciFi and Fantasy

Crestahn Kingdom
A kingdom cast in shadows, a family’s dark history, and the crystal shard that brings them together. Crestahn Kingdom has always prospered under the Sovereign’s dominion, so imagine Sha’ella’s surprise when she discovers her father is part of a coup to take him down. What’s worse, he wants her to aid in his betrayal. But turning on the ruler of the galaxy might get her killed, and refusing to do her father’s bidding will draw the rebels’ ire. Can Sha’ella find a way to please both sides, or will she be forced to make a decision that will put a huge target on her

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Wizard Storm: The Magic of Larlion Book 3
A fatherless wizard is no match for royalty. So Beneban, shaken by loss, leaves his noble lady, Laraynia, for a dangerous quest. With the Grand Lar and Trog as his traveling companions, he journeys to the remote Ogdol homeland on the far western shore of Larlion. Magic sword in hand, he battles many perils along the way. It seems that the black wizard Ztavin’s evil magic is gone, but who is threatening the Ogdol throne? Laraynia is left behind as the new Lady of the Great Shrine. Uprooted from her beloved Forest and seemingly deserted by Beneban, she struggles to defend the Shrine from danger on every side. Her wizard father Nigeran, Queen Varakin, and Vari’s fierce ice dragons fight by her side, as does the handsome Mergol king, who offers his friendship… and more. Laraynia still longs for Beneban’s return, but how long will she wait?

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Monster Born
Like Frank Victorsson, some things will not stay dead. Two hundred years ago, Victor Frankenstein reanimated a stitched-together corpse. But the man once known as Frankenstein’s Monster refused to embody his father’s malice. He escaped his origin – and stumbled into a small Minnesota town overflowing with magic. Now, the Nordic elves of his new home call him family. The werewolves call him friend. When the town’s vampires disappear and innocents die, Frank realizes the demon responsible might be the one force capable of pulling to the surface the horrors he’d learned to suppress. Frank must stop a rampaging evil bent on murdering the people he loves the most. But can he save his town without losing himself? Join the man formerly known as Frankenstein’s Monster and the magical people of Alfheim, Minnesota, in a captivating fantasy that’s a must-read page-turner perfect for fans of Patricia Briggs, Anne McCraffery, and Neil Gaiman. Immerse yourself in the deeply satisfying Northern Creatures universe today!

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