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On the surface, the mountain town of Engelstatt, Austria is picture-perfect. It offers guests stunning views, fresh air, and the chance to experience an Alpine village untouched by time. For university student Jacob Liro, a school shooting survivor and aspiring artist, it is the perfect place to spend spring break with his classmates and a chance to hit the reset button on his life. What Jacob and his class don’t know is that beneath its fairy-tale facade, something sinister lies in wait in the salt mines below the town—and horrors from Engelstatt’s Nazi past threaten not only their lives and their sanity, but the entire world.

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The Ultimate Holiday
Traveling is never without risk. There are many things that can go wrong on vacation: lost luggage, missed flights, losing your phone, pickpockets, getting sick, physical injury, being kidnapped, and many more. Relationships are strained, homesickness is experienced, language barriers are present, and jet lag is felt. There are many types of travelers; the blogger, the thrill seeker, the honeymooners, the foodie, the digital nomad, and every other stereotype you can think of. We all have our own reasons for seeing every inch of this beautiful Earth we share. These traveler’s vacations are extinguished early, resulting in gruesome and unique fatalities, which are specific to the country they are visiting. Each chapter explores a different country where our American tourists explore too vigorously, resulting in their unconventional termination. Explore the culture, discover the native language, learn the history, and experience the ultimate conclusion.

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