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The Last Ranger: Ranger of the Titan Wilds, Book 1
Betrayed. Hunted. Left for dead. But not even death itself can keep the last ranger from vengeance. Leiyn “Firebrand” is no stranger to a fight. A brash ranger of the Titan Wilds, she takes up her bow to ward against the colossal spirit creatures known as titans, ever a threat to the colonies she has sworn to protect. But no amount of skill can guard against treachery. When tragedy strikes the rangers’ lodge, Leiyn vows to avenge the fallen. But if she is to succeed, she must embrace a power within her she has long denied. Power to move mountains and rivers. Power over life and death. She did not choose this path, but Leiyn knows her duty. For if she fails, the legacy of the rangers dies with her—and all the Titan Wilds will fall into shadow.

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No Way Out
A child’s abduction leads to a frightening pattern within a small town where nothing is as it seems. Detective Rose has worked on difficult cases before, but this abduction is unique. No evidence. No witnesses. No leads. It’s a nightmare scenario for any law enforcement officer. Unsure of why the family was targeted, Rose races against the clock to recover the missing child before the kidnapper strikes again, a scenario Rose is desperate to stop. Forgotten Secrets. In Doveport, teenaged girls disappear without a trace. Bex Lennon has a gift, but using it could mean catastrophe. When her best friend’s teenaged daughter disappears, Bex must confront her fears head-on. For the first time in fifteen years, she accesses a hidden part of herself to uncover clues about the girl’s disappearance. The risk might be deadly.

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US UK and CA

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