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Steamy Romance

A Vampire’s Fate: A Fated Mates Vampire
My name is Fate. I thought my life was over when my husband died. But it was just beginning. Devon walked into the library, I thought he was trouble wrapped in a tall, dark and handsome package that I couldn’t stay away from. He wants things from me that I just can’t give, like the heart I buried with my husband. My body yearns for him even while my brain screams run… Right up until someone starts trying to kill me. Now Devon may be the only one that can save me as the killer my husband hired before his death still plans to earn her pay.

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Lord of Eternal Night
Perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash and A Shade of Vampire – but with added spice!Jak’s life has only one meaning; break the curse or die trying. Marius’s life has no meaning; not since he was cursed into the twisted, blood thirsty creature of night.For years the witches have waited for their salvation, a way to return the magic that was sacrificed when the curse was first cast. Jak, a boy born with power that the witches have not seen in a century, is their prophesied saviour. The one who is to kill the creature, break the curse and restore magic to his coven. Sent to the creature’s castle as the final Claim, Jak must get close enough to land the final blow. It is what he has trained all his life to accomplish. Not all is as it seems when Jak uncovers secrets and half-truths. The creature is not the haunting beast he had been brought up to hate. Emotions war as new feelings are uncovered. For what is more dangerous than hate? Lust.Lord of Eternal Night is a complete, M/M *stand-alone novel*, inspired by Beauty and the Beast… with added bite.

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Wicked: A Sci Fi Alien Romance
When I left Agron, I wanted only one thing: To make the Grivath pay for what they did to us. When our space fuel lasts just long enough for us to reach the hub planet Brexos, it seems like everything is falling into place. But Brexos is run by the machiavellian Malakaz- an alien who now controls our fate with the swipe of one clawed finger. None of us are entirely happy with the deal we strike, but we have no choice. It’s simple: Bring Malakaz a package in exchange for his help with our revenge. The problem? One look at that ‘package’ and my heart stops, every inch of my body on high alert. Jax has revenge plans of his own, and no intention of falling in line with ours. His ice-blue eyes seem to look deep into my soul, and I can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his hard body pressed up against mine. Is my retribution more important than my heart? Even if it means Jax loses his one shot at his own enemies? Even if I lose my one chance… for love?

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