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Short Horror Tales – Omnibus 6
#CANCELLED: Fifteen-year-old Becca Robbins loves to see celebrity lies revealed. Tonight she watches a live internet exposé… Its host recounts that years ago TV star Bob Vanut was accused of a horrible crime and #cancelled. He committed suicide. Now Vanut’s innocence will be proved – and the real culprits will be punished before millions of viewers… Is this a macabre joke, a twisted hoax or something far more terrifying? LETHAL SYMMETRIES: In 1861, Dr Tomberton and Police Inspector Evans investigate the mystery at the Carmichael mansion. A corpse has been found, hideously transformed by a malignant force. The Carmichael household and two policeman have seemingly vanished… What is the entity inside the mansion? How was it unleashed? How do the murders in 1861 relate to events in 1502… and to the genius Leonardo da Vinci?

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