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The Long Way Home
He had a boat. She needed a ride. A simple lift became the adventure of a lifetime. After being stranded in Nassau, Meg Freeman ran into Jon Davenport, an old friend from her past, who offered her a ride home on his yacht. Before making the trip, they decided to visit a deserted island and scuba dive a beautiful coral reef. While diving, they discovered evidence of an ancient shipwreck, but they weren’t the only ones looking for treasure in this tropical paradise. For some people, however, treasure didn’t mean lost gold, and who had to be hurt in the search for riches didn’t matter. Join Jon & Meg in the 2nd edition of Book 1 of the Davenport Series as their search for gold leads them on a journey filled with frustration, danger, and possibilities. Enjoy clean and wholesome romance, action, and adventure that’s written for adults but safe for the whole family. Begin the adventure today with Book 1 of the Davenport Series.

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Twins Formation
Caden “Crash” McCaffrey’s focus is on football. Nothing else. Just the game he loves and the team he plans to lead to the championship. Until an unlucky hit cracks his tibia, knocking down his chance at a new max contract like the linebacker who landed on his leg. But Caden has a twin brother. An identical twin brother. Liam’s nickname is “Laidback” and he plays for a team in Canada, but they’re similar enough that no one will be able to tell them apart. There’s a lot that could go wrong with their plan, but what neither of them expected was falling in love. Caden’s physical therapist is beautiful and sassy, challenging him like no defensive line ever has. Liam has to pretend to be Caden while being interviewed by the reporter every football fan—and probably most of the players—dreams about. Finishing Caden’s rehab without revealing their secret means neither McCaffrey twin can have the woman they want. But revealing their secret would mean telling the woman tasked with writing a cover story on Caden that they’re deceiving the entire league.

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