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A beautiful collection of inspirational poems complemented by lovely photographs. The poetry is about God, life, relationships, and hope in times of confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also endearing story poems sprinkled throughout the book, some of which were written for children.

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Beyond the Fading Memories : Guiding words for Dementia caregivers
Do you have loved one that struggles with Dementia? Learn how to cope and what you can do to help. In Beyond the Fading Memories author John T Campbell shares his experiences thoughts, and tips. He lived with his mom for years while she went through different stages of and had to deal with various symptoms. He shows you what he learned and how music can help.-Inside you’ll discover-Dementia doesn’t take away their emotions or who they are as a person-It’s mostly trial and error-You can get through it with the power of love and music-People with Dementia deserve care and should not be forgotten-It is the Dementia not them causing the behavior.

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