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Murder In The Dunes
A detective’s perfect vacation: sun, sand, surf… and murder. When blind PI Steve Smiley visits his friend and writing mentor, Kate Bridges, he anticipates an idyllic South Padre Island getaway. The island’s magic spell is broken when Kate is accosted by her abusive ex-husband. Two days later, his body is found in the dunes, and she becomes the prime suspect. With the police in a hurry to close the case and Kate arrested for the murder, Steve sets out to find the real killer. His investigation leads him into the dangerous world of dirty cops and the Mexican cartel—a world where there are no rules. In a last ditch effort to prove Kate’s innocence, Steve lays a trap for the murderer. Can he outwit the devious opponent, or will the next blood spilled in the sand be his?

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Final Belongings
An eerie photo with a cryptic note unearthed 50 years later. A woman driven to solve a family mystery—at any cost. “A bewitchingly dark tale, as emotionally engrossing as it is boldly unconventional.” —Kirkus Reviews Juliet Barton is reeling from a devastating divorce and her career in shambles. Then she’s rocked by her mother’s sudden death. Buried in grief as she sorts her late mother’s effects, Juliet stumbles upon the final belongings of her uncle Henry, who died tragically in Italy in 1971. Hidden among Henry’s effects is an old Polaroid of a mausoleum with a mysterious note scrawled on the back. As Juliet unearths more and more details that reveal her and Henry’s uncanny similarities, she finds herself compelled to go to Italy to locate the crypt in the photo, convinced it contains something Henry wanted to be found. But as she tracks down clues to her twenty-something uncle’s cutting-edge filmmaking in Hollywood, renowned coverage of The Vietnam War, and link to a 1960s rock icon, Juliet uncovers a haunting truth that pushes her into the line of danger. Will unraveling Henry’s hidden past put Juliet’s own future at risk?

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