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Devil’s Track: Detective Mahoney Series
It’s 1999. The cemeteries are cold. Heavy metal is wild. A bourbon-heavy metal-sex addicted detective with a deadly secret must face the pain of her father’s death to hunt a killer branding victims with satanic symbols. A detective with a deadly secret. A devilish album of hypnotizing satanic chants. A cloaked woman with hair like fire and eyes like ice. A house with a demonic hold. The burned remains of a woman are found hanging from a wooden stake near an old cemetery. Satanic symbols are branded into her flesh. Recovering from a heavy metal high after a Rob Zombie concert, Detective Stella Mahoney is thrust into the case she’s dreamed of. The symbols lead her to the Devil’s Track. The devilish chants entrance her, pulling her to murderous acts. Sightings of a cloaked woman with fire-red hair and ice-blue eyes plunge her into a hunt. Reeling in the pain of her father’s death, can she live up to his legacy?

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