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Death by Decent Society
Since Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves. It is 2106. No one cares about over-population, mass extinctions or climate change any more. The world is a post-apocalyptic paradise—for a few. One of those ‘few’ is Donald Aldingford, a star attorney much in demand by high society. He suffers the catastrophe of being shot down and jailed after straying into private atmosphere. While in prison, he picks up alarming rumours about his younger brother Lawrence, who disappeared ten years earlier, aged seventeen. Despite the risk of becoming ‘disappeared’ himself, Donald takes a deeper interest in the world around him. As he descends into the mystery of his long-lost brother, he pierces the last, most dangerous veil of a rotten society. Sovereigns of the Collapse is a gritty dystopian serial that veers and spirals from book to book. Get the whole series while it’s cheap! Contains adult themes; not recommended for under-16s. Sovereigns of the Collapse is the sequel to Sovereigns of the Storm. Each series is stand-alone and there are no spoilers, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read Sovereigns of the Storm.

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Trying to Survive
The night it began, all we could do was listen to the chaos. The sirens, car crashes, gunshots, and relentless cries for help resonated throughout the neighborhood like a symphony of violence and pain, rising up from hell itself. They hunt like wolves. Their speed and strength tear away at any hope for survival, just as their teeth do flesh. The few cursed to maintain their humanity will need more than weapons and clever ideas to escape the gruesome fates attached to even a single mistake. There was no warning.

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