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Louisa, The Scarred Governess
She is a remarkable young lady. She would do anything to avoid a forced marriage. Her mother wants to save her. She has to escape, even if it would be the last time they met… Miss Louisa Fenwick is the daughter of a merchant and seamstress. Four years ago her father filed for bankruptcy after several poor business decisions. Things took a turn for the worse when her father began drinking heavily which led to his untimely death. Louisa and her mother are taken in by her father’s younger brother Edmund. Louisa has grown into a beautiful young woman and is of marriageable age. Unbeknown to Louisa, Edmund plans to marry her off to his business partner—a repugnant gentleman twice her age. After finding out about Edmund’s plan, Louisa’s mother arranges for her to escape. With the help of her mother’s friend, Louisa is employed as a governess for the son of the Duke of Barnshire.

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New Song
Abandoned by his mother on his third birthday, Lucas Avila now leads a fulfilling life as a Dallas attorney, but the death of his grandmother brings him back to his hometown of Trinity Springs. A yellowed document, found among his grandmother’s possessions, takes him on an unforeseen journey of discovery and growth. Music teacher Maria Vargas recently moved back into her own childhood home in Trinity Springs, across the street from the Avilas, where she and Lucas had played together until her family moved away when they were both seven. She never forgot her neighborhood friend, though, and when she sees him after twenty years, she’s once again smitten. Everett Bennington, veteran of the Gulf War and son of a wealthy Dallas businessman, has chosen to live on the streets for almost twenty-five years. When he meets Lucas and Maria, he faces a decision that could alter his life in a most unexpected way.

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