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Black Keys
To save a stranger’s life, she put her own in the hands of a man who represents everything she loathes. American CEO Marie Archer sent her brother, Joseph, to the Arab Kingdom of Alfaidya to open a new branch office. He returns with the contract and news of his engagement to a princess. With the surprise royal wedding only four days away, Marie’s Catholic upbringing makes her question the rush, but she swallows her misgivings and agrees to attend in order to make Joseph happy. Disoriented by the language barrier and bewildered by Muslim wedding traditions, Marie is further confused by her elevated role in the wedding party. She is paired with the bride’s brother, Crown Prince Mazen Alfaidy, a breathtakingly handsome man with mysterious eyes, whose silent attentions leave her disconcerted. Marie’s joy for her sibling is cut short by her brother’s betrayal. Joseph forces her into an arranged marriage with Prince Mazen in a Sister Swap, to save his own bride from a horrible destiny.

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Beach Heart
Visit Emerald Isle, NC again in this single title story about Emma, a woman who spent much of her early life at the beach but then fate took her elsewhere. Now she has a chance to go back and reclaim the happiness she remembers…but is that possible? Emma Deveraux married Gregory Dance soon after college and now, thirteen years later, she is a widow and about to be homeless. Her husband’s long illness has left her broken financially and emotionally devastated. Over the angry objections of her stepson, Macon, she sold the family home to pay the debts and now, it’s moving-out day—surely the lowest point in her almost thirty-seven years of life. But on this day when nothing good could possibly be expected to happen, she receives a last-minute delivery—legal documents transferring ownership of Beach Heart to her. It’s a very special delivery that promises hope and a fresh chance at a future. An oceanfront duplex is a valuable property, and this one comes with precious childhood memories, still bright and shiny in her mind, of the happiest years of her life.

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