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Tilted Scales

An Urban Fantasy Legal Thriller! Trigger Warning: While never explicit or gratuitous, this book has references to sexual and underage abuse as well as torture, that some readers may find upsetting. Jayne Hart, known in the courtrooms of Texas as the Southern Serpent, has made a career representing magical and non-human clients at one of the most prestigious law firms in the state. A simple favor to a senior partner finds Jayne plunged into a war between magical crime lords and Jayne’s dark past is exposed to the world. As the stakes are raised with the discovery that the sister that she believed dead is still trapped in the life Jayne barely managed to escape, her deepest secrets may just be the greatest obstacle to their survival.

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THEY SENT THEIR BEST TO KILL HIM… THEY SHOULD HAVE FINISHED THE JOB. Experience the gripping first entry in the action-packed Barrett Mason Thriller series! Barrett Mason’s mission was simple: help an Iranian biochemist defect. Extract him to the States then learn the darkest secrets of the Ayatollah’s weapons programs. Iran’s deadliest spies would try to kill them along the way, but Barrett never shied away from a fight. Everything was going fine until Barrett was caught in a spy’s worst nightmare: his own side tried to kill him. Trapped between two sides full of expertly trained, cold-blooded killers means standing his ground is suicide. And running will only get him so far. But Barrett Mason never lays down. Not when failure means unleashing the deadliest weapons known to man. He’ll fight to get his revenge, or he’ll die trying.

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