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The Prodigals – The Complete Epic
The Prodigals—The Complete Epic, is a post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller. The Raydon family is a close-knit group of adult children whose father foresaw the inevitable and prepared them for it. Living and raising their families, spread across Washington State when the attack comes they know the only safe place is in their father’s house. Nuclear missiles have exploded over the West Coast, East Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting EMP has knocked out power to 80% of the US. Was it North Korea, Iran, or maybe China? The enemy is uncertain. The American military is still intact, but the government is scrambling to secure the nation and prevent the next attack. The disintegrating cities are on their own. For the Raydons, the journey home, in the dark, is a dangerous struggle against those that would take advantage of the chaos, and once there, it’s a struggle to keep it.

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