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Silver Spells
A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) that’ll have you walking on air! Luella Campbell is having the weirdest day ever. Getting fired from her job at the sunscreen factory for no good reason is bad enough, but when a mysterious dog brings a tempest into her former workplace, Luella’s life is completely upended by the sudden gift of wild and windy magical powers. With the help of her ride-or-die best friends, her motorcycle-riding mother, and a romantic blast from the past, Luella must find a way to make ends meet while unlocking the mysteries of her newfound magic… and the secrets hidden in the picturesque town of Sparkle Beach.

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Law #4
Never trust a bad boy. Well, maybe just this one? CORA: Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t agree to share a couchette with a stranger on a train. But these are not normal circumstances. See, I’m a junior art curator, traveling abroad for the first time. And thanks to a booking error, I might not make it in time to acquire the painting I need for a prestigious show. So, sharing a cabin with this dangerously charming man is my only option. I can handle it, though. It’s not like I’m going to do something stupid and fall in love with him…right? LOGAN: I have zero interest in commitment of any kind. That’s why my art has always been a hobby, not a career. So, when I got involved with Cora’s show, I told myself I was just helping a pretty girl keep her job. And accepting the portrait commission from her boyfriend’s mother was all about the money. Then I said I’d never fall for Cora. Too bad I was lying to myself…

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