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The Four Keys
Only the few know how to open the doors, until now… The keys have been found. It is time to unlock your true potential What do you truly desire? The Four Keys hold the answer to this question. What if you not only understood your deepest desires, but that of everyone on this planet, even if they didn’t know for themselves? How much power would that give you? The Four Keys unlock the doors that have been placed to hold you back from discovering who you were meant to be, your purpose, and how to live a deeply fulfilling life. By unlocking the doors, we also unravel the mysteries of Love and Charisma.

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Fluent On The First Try
Still stuck on learning a language? Become fluent, with less effort. Are you learning a language but feel like you’re not making progress? Have you tried to learn a language but struggled to find time for it? Then this book is for you! Simply put, you will go from wanting to learn a language to mastering it. Federica Lupis is fluent in four languages and has over 10 years of experience helping learners become fluent. She will take you through the world of languages with motivation and a touch of humour that will make you want to learn more. This is your chance to make the learning process simple and easy and reach your goal no matter how many obstacles are in the way.

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The Life Transformation Workbook
Despite having more conveniences, greater technology, and more options to choose from in life, most of us still don’t know what it is that we truly want from life. We are trapped in jobs we aren’t passionate about, relationships that aren’t satisfying, and negative patterns that create stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and unfulfillment. We don’t seem to have a vision for our lives. Or, if we do have a vision, it’s very loose and we don’t know how to make it a reality. Often, fatigue, stress, life transitions, lack of resources, futuristic desires, or a midlife crisis call us to re-examine our lives.

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