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How far would you go to find out who killed your mother? Miranda will do what it takes. Determined to find out the truth she contacts her father whom she’s never met. Maybe she should have never come looking for answers. As this story about murder, betrayal and dark desires unfolds, things take an unsuspected turn. Things from the past find their way back to the surface and the dead might not be so dead after all.

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The Perfect Lawyer
Years ago, he was known as “the perfect lawyer” for his high-profile, pressure-packed criminal defense work in downtown Chicago. But after losing a crucial case to up-and-coming prosecutor Ursula “the merciless” Rush, his confidence was shattered, and ever since, he’s resigned himself to doing small-time real estate deals in the sleepy suburbs. He’ll never practice criminal law again. He’s lost his edge. Worse yet, he’s lost his courage. When he’s asked to defend a sensational murder case that’s inflaming the nation, there’s no way he’s accepting. But then he learns that the defendant, Mia Hendrickson, a young mother accused of setting the fire that killed her three small children, has been tried in the media and found guilty. That she’s been brutally beaten in jail. And that her public defender is incompetent.

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