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They Come at Night
As the EMP bomb detonates, frying the entire electrical grid and plunging the nation into chaos, a small family takes refuge in their remote cabin. But as they huddle in the darkness, they soon realize that they are not alone. With the threat of unknown dangers lurking outside, they must use all their wits and resourcefulness to survive in this new and treacherous world. Every decision could mean the difference between life and death as they struggle to outsmart the enemies closing in on them. Can they overcome the challenges and emerge victorious, or will they succumb to the chaos unleashed by the devastating EMP attack?

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US UK and CA

Honey Bay Cafe
Honey Bay manor felt like home… A home full of secrets and long-forgotten ghosts…… The night her parents died in a car accident, Gemma Walker suffered a severe head injury… And the worst tragedy of her life. Months later, therapy cannot cure her sudden aversion to blood and her recurring nightmares. Gemma is determined to return to her job as a trauma surgeon and head of surgery at a top Hollywood Hospital– Until she receives an inheritance that names her sole heir to an island property she’d never heard of in the Bahamas. Gemma leaves L.A. and, she hopes, her trauma behind to investigate her unknown relative in Honey Bay. Except everyone on this island gives her dark looks and calls her Gabby. And Honey Bay Manor is full of memories and ghosts of the past.

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US UK and CA

A Fashionably Dead Christmas
This is holiday paranormal romantic comedy novella for your reading pleasure! It’s Christmas at the Cressida House and all Hell is breaking loose. Tree? Decorated and lit. Elf on a Shelf? Seated with style. Baby Jesus on the mantle? Fourteen neatly in a row. Life sized Nutcracker? Creepy, but standing proud. Invitations sent to entire immortal family to celebrate the holiday? Possibly the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever done. Mixing Heaven and Hell on my cousin’s famous birthday seemed like such a brilliant idea. I wanted my baby’s first Christmas to be special—memorable. I’d like chalk my heinous idea up to having been fallen down drunk, but that won’t fly as it’s insanely difficult for a Vampyre to tie one on. So instead I’ll deal with obscene gifts from relatives, kidnapped rock stars and catering by Mother Nature.

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US UK and CA

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