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Alone at Home
When Miranda Bell returns to her small hometown with her twin daughters in tow, she never expects to be confronted by her abusive ex-husband and his motorcycle club. As she struggles to protect her daughters and keep the truth about their parentage hidden, Miranda finds herself at the center of a web of secrets and lies that threaten to tear her community apart. Can she uncover the truth before it’s too late? Find out in this gripping small town mystery, filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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US UK and CA

Legacy Academy
There’s something different about me. Something that’s not pure. I’m not like the other dragon shifters. Maybe it’s because of my human blood. The Royals have noticed me, and every girl at the Academy hates me. I never knew the paranormal world existed until one day I have a fight with Mom, I come home to find her gone, and poof, I’m a dragon shifter. It would have been nice if Mom would have told me. But then again, secrets rule my family… But now she’s been kidnapped and I have no answers. I have to find her. Some powerful demon is after me, because supposedly I’m a threat to his power. Which is crazy! Has he seen me in class?

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US UK and CA

Tahoe Moon
A Young Girl Is Left At A Hotel Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna is heading to a meeting when he finds a lost, deaf girl. McKenna learns that the girl, Camille Dexter, is 8 years old. Her grandfather, Charlie Dexter, left her to wait for him, but he has disappeared. The Girl’s Grandfather Is Found Dead McKenna calls Sergeant Jack Santiago. They discover Dexter’s body crushed by a recently-cut tree. The cause of death appears to be suicide. But as McKenna investigates, the details don’t make sense, and he learns of other apparent suicides that are suspicious. McKenna’s Girlfriend And The Young Girl Are Almost Killed McKenna’s girlfriend Street Casey is driving with Camille Dexter when someone runs them off a steep mountain road. They miraculously survive.

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US UK and CA

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