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Caroline Creek Chaos
A community is most vulnerable without its leader. When Bishop Mast disappears from the Amish community of Caroline Creek, rumors, gossip, and speculation quickly begin to dominate conversations. That speculation is soon replaced by worry, and then, fear. Someone, or something, is manipulating members within the community—an invisible force, playing God with their lives. Still, steeped in tradition and manmade rules, they try mightily to stay the course. Now, they must elect a new leader to replace the bishop. But even in this simple task, the invisible force intervenes. Maria Reader, a controversial Amish teen who is perpetually at odds with the ministers, who lives with one foot inside the community and one foot out, is one of the only people asking the tough questions. Maria teams up with Bruce Ellsworth, an English private investigator from the nearby city, and together, they search for the missing bishop. This job is made more difficult because of the manipulative messages that keep arriving in the mailboxes of members—messages that are shameful, hurtful, and that are designed to rouse suspicion and distrust.

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Moral Infidelity
It is the summer of 1989, and a controversial Supreme Court ruling has opened the door for states to enact stricter abortion laws. Pro-Life Florida Governor Michael Romano is determined to lead the nation in exploiting this first crack in Roe v Wade. While campaigning to further his agenda, he meets a wealthy young widow, Kristin Long, who sets her sights on the governor. Despite a faithful marriage of seventeen years, Romano is drawn into a lustful affair that, even with precautions, results in an unintended pregnancy. Now Kristin wants him and his baby, and she will publicly destroy him if he doesn’t leave his wife to marry her.

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