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SciFi and Fantasy

Mirrors and Monsters
Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the hottest monster lover of all? Six steamy monster romance tales, from a Beauty and the Beast retelling, enemies to lovers, hot Scottish gargoyle protectors, a genie who wants to grant all your wishes, a sexy demon who will do anything (and I do mean anything) for the lady he loves, right up to the devil himself falling at your feet. Which one will be your favourite monster?

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The Devil’s Redemption Legacies Box Set
The Apocalypse has begun, and the only one who can save them – angels and humans alike – is the literal devil – Lucifer Morningstar. Me. I’ve broken out of hell, taking by sword what they would not give – my freedom – but the world is so different from what it was. The angels now work with vampires – bloody vampires – and are being hunted by an evil killer. And I am the chosen one, wrestling with the beast within and the danger without. I must save my family by finding the only weapon that can destroy this slayer of angels in a place where none have returned. But I’ve faced worse. I mastered Hell itself. Unbound, I will redeem myself. One click now to join this urban fantasy adventure with heart, friendship, humour, and vampires.

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