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SciFi and Fantasy

In a world where death magic is sometimes the lesser of the evils, a dark mage risks everything for redemption. To win a pardon, Raven must play a dangerous game of double agent. His mission: help the Guardians bring down his master William, the most powerful dark mage alive. His only Guardian contact is Cassandra, his former lover and the apprentice he once betrayed. His best weapon is the Ravensblood, a fearsome magical artifact his master thought destroyed.

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The Father’s Tree
The tale of the Garden of Eden is one of the most well-known and universally loved stories of all time, and Dr. Elise Harper and her team believe there’s more than a little truth to it. To prove the science books wrong and religious lore right, they trek into the Caucasus mountain ranges, amidst a world ravaged with war and apocalyptic tragedy. But shortly into the expedition, events pivot dangerously.

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