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Empath and Psychic Abilities
Can you sense things that no one else can? Are you called “overly emotional” or “way too sensitive”? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of others creeping into your mind? Do you know that you’re more sensitive than other people but don’t know how to use this trait in your daily life? If so, you are very likely a psychic empath. And there’s a simple solution to develop your gifts and relieve your stress: Empath and Psychic Abilities – The Complete Guidebook. Imagine going out into the world every day feeling confident and in control of your thoughts and feelings. Imagine a sense of peace and empowerment washing over you while you’re in a room full of strangers. Imagine viewing your feelings as high powered tools and desirable capabilities- not as unwanted conditions!

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Craig Thayer’s destiny was mapped before he was even born. Saved is the story of a man who learned to see the sum of his parts and follow them like stepping stones throughout a miraculous life. Being put up for adoption at birth and finding his family at nine months was just the start of his unorthodox journey. Over the years, the adversity kept finding him… Craig battled a reading disorder that went undiagnosed until he was fifty-five years old. Despite that and numerous other challenges, the calling in his heart to become a surgeon grew louder and louder. It didn’t quiet when he suffered a twisted intestine, witnessed his adopted mother’s alcohol problem, grieved her death when he was just eighteen, healed from a skull fracture in college, agonized over his adopted father’s fight for his life, and struggled to find his self-esteem. The miracles that touched his life were his saving grace and shined a light on his purpose.

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US UK and CA

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