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West End Justice
Everything in Detective Morgan Foster’s life is a secret… Living in West End, West Virginia wasn’t part of the plan, but the murders of her husband, Peter, and her partner, AJ Roth, have sent her into hiding. For a while, everything seemed to be fine, but two dead bodies at her waitressing job tell another story. Unable to ignore the threat that’s crashed down on her carefully constructed secret life, Morgan gets caught in a web of motorcycle gangs, murder and a bounty that has six figures hanging over her head. Before long, Morgan is in the sights of the people that want her dead again. Can she solve the murders before she becomes the next body to drop?

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The Dome
Presumed dead after the Twin Towers attack in 2001 shady stockbroker Mel Green saw an opportunity to remake her life as a math teacher in Hailey, Idaho. In a warm and welcoming community Mel regrets her secret history and embraces her stable, peaceful new home. But when the FBI comes knocking, she jumps at the chance to prove she wasn’t just a con artist after all. The Feds reveal she and her ex-business partner were patsies for a larger, corrupt association whose criminal activities are so heinous they’re a threat to the nation. If only she can find the file that holds the key… before her old clients find her. Standing between Mel and certain death are a bewildered boyfriend, frustrated government agent, and her innocent stepdaughter.

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