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SciFi and Fantasy

The Lord and Lady of Meadowstead have taken Jendar Longshear’s mother. Though all in the village meet the same fate when they reach middle age, the loss is still devastating for Jendar and his brother Mathias. At the age of 16, Jendar is thrust into the leadership of his household. He’ll need to accept and train new apprentices. He’ll be expected to run the family’s tailor shop. He’ll also need to keep his headstrong younger brother out of trouble. Jendar prepares to accept the direction his life has taken – until he receives a holographic cylinder from a mysterious nobleman that promises liberation for the villagers in exchange for help in overthrowing the Lord and Lady. Can this new Noble be trusted? Is there truly hope for a better life for all in the village? Jendar hopes to answer these questions as he embarks on an adventure that could see freedom for the village, or his untimely death.

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The Blacktop Blues
He’s lost his girl and now his mind. Jed Strait survived the war, but will his homecoming be the death of him? Jed Strait made it through the war unscathed. Or at least, that’s what he thought. But now that he’s home, he’s not so sure, because he’s plagued by horrifying flashbacks. Only, they’re visions of events that never occurred. All he wants is to reconnect with the woman he left behind and get on with his life, but according to the visions, that’s the worst thing he could do. If he follows Annabelle to LA, his nightmares could actually become real, but staying in New York with no Annabelle and no explanations will surely drive him mad.

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Elissa Blue
Though she worried it might never happen, Elissa Blue finally has her wings. Now she must migrate to the Mating Mountain, find a husband, and get back down the impassable cliffs before she loses her ability to fly forever. If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be stranded as a servant in the Old Castle for the rest of her life. And if she doesn’t choose her man wisely, she will be just as miserable.

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Lexi Monarch
Princess Lexi has escaped the palace and her rotten fiancé. She hopes the Mating Mountain will provide a chance for love, but nothing is going according to her hastily-devised plan. Tiger, her best friend, is suddenly irresistibly attractive. Her horrid ex-fiancé is stalking her. And the Queen will stop at nothing to bring her home.

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