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Under the Breaking Sky
From the bestselling author of Dead Meat, a terrifying, epic and action-packed story about the carnage unleashed when a strange object in the sky turns people into blind, raging monsters. It’s an ordinary Monday. Until everything changes forever. At 2:44 PM, a mysterious crack appears in the sky. Anyone unfortunate enough to look up is immediately struck blind. What’s worse, their mind is wiped clean, replaced with a vicious urge to kill anyone within reach. Mark is at work when it happens. Fighting not to fall asleep, the boring department meeting suddenly turns into a bloodbath when people are drawn to the windows to look up at the sky. Down at the street, Gina just finished shopping and now finds herself thrown into a scene from a horror movie, as everyone around her begins beating each other to death. Stopping at a red light, Tommy’s stepdad leans forward to gaze upwards. Without warning, Tommy is trapped inside the car with a mindless monster intent on killing him.

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US UK and CA

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