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Blood of the Sons
The crime families that run New York are at war. Power struggles and ancient vendettas threaten to destroy the lives of anyone involved in the Big Apple’s underworld. And the Consentino family is caught right in the middle. Sonny and his twin brothers, Vico and Enzo, are still searching for the man who killed their father. And they’ll stop at nothing to get answers. But the war threatens not only their lives, but the relationships with those they love the most. Will they continue the hunt for vengeance if it means losing everything? From Lucky Luciano to Al Capone, Blood of the Sons is filled with (in)famous gangsters on both sides of a bloody conflict.

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Timeless: A Tropical Authors Novel
A plane crash in 1976 left a young boy without a father, but 46 years later when Eddie Rains loses his mother, a letter hidden amongst her possessions reveals a secret she’d kept to herself all those years. Driven by hope, Eddie sets out to discover the truth about the man he dearly loved, yet barely knew. Aided by strangers he meets along the way, his challenging search turns deadly when one thing becomes crystal clear… he’s not the only one looking. In their follow-up collaboration to the best-selling Graceless, Stinnett, Cunningham, Sullivan and Harvey come up with another page-turning thriller featuring characters from each of their series. Whether you’re new to these fan-favorites, or an old friend along for the ride, you’ll love seeing them band together in this tropical action and adventure thriller: Charity Styles, former U.S. Army helicopter pilot and special operative for Homeland Security, spends her off time in the Cayman Islands. But when is a government assassin ever off duty? The 7-volume Caribbean Thriller Series takes the reader on a frightening ride through the darker side of the tropics. The side where the cost of human life doesn’t affect the bottom line.

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