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SciFi and Fantasy

The Intergalactic Interloper
In this charming debut novel we meet the residents of an East Village block whose lives are thrown into turmoil by an extraterrestrial visitor. There’s a wanna-be rock star, his eccentric rabbit-loving neighbor, a cursed superintendent, and a ghost-obsessed old woman, along with a remarkable cat. Their intersecting paths are all drawn up towards the otherworldly creature lurking overhead. When Ollie spies a two-headed turtle from outer space on a nearby rooftop he wonders if he has lost his mind. His incredulous friends certainly think so. To make matters worse he lands in hot water at his bookstore day job and his cat has gone missing. His bandmate Zara offers to help him track down the troublesome feline, and they join forces with a nosy starlet to follow a trail of clues that leads them inexorably up toward a mysterious rooftop creature who would much prefer to remain hidden.

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Anita’s sister was destined to be First Minister until a bloody day of assassinations fractured Scotland into warring factions. Anita will do anything to protect her sister’s legacy. Including finding her killers. But an act of betrayal delivers her into the hands of her enemies. She becomes a prisoner at the mercy of those who have none. Scarred and alone, Anita trusts no one, especially not the radical faction claiming to know who shot her sister. When they force her to make a terrible choice, she realises too late that the truth won’t set her free. The truth will destroy everything. If you like a woman who can handle a gun, bloodthirsty dystopia and a terrifying glimpse into the future, you’ll love Captivity. Read the first book in the action-packed dystopian military adventure series The Faction War Chronicles and discover a Scotland that’s a politically-fired crucible of savagery, injustice and isolation that’ll keep you turning the pages.

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